The Watch issues No. 1 to No. 8 pro­vide insights into the nation­al debates on deep­en­ing and widen­ing and on oth­er Euro­pean top­ics from Lis­bon to Helsin­ki and from Dublin to Nicosia from Jan­u­ary 2004 to Decem­ber 2008. Over­all, the eight issues of the Watch com­prise 2,001 pages, includ­ing 9,427 foot­notes, and cov­er 54 ques­tions deal­ing with key Euro­pean topics.

In the fol­low­ing, we present a com­pre­hen­sive com­par­a­tive analy­sis based on the rich mate­r­i­al of the eight issues of the Watch: Tan­ja Lep­pik-Bork and Julian Plot­t­ka sum­marise the main events regard­ing deep­en­ing and widen­ing dur­ing the last five years of Euro­pean inte­gra­tion and com­ple­ment them with insights into the respec­tive nation­al debates as rep­re­sent­ed in the Watch issues, while Bar­bara Lip­pert presents six obser­va­tions on deep­en­ing and widen­ing based on the debates col­lect­ed in the eight Watch issues.

We hope to pro­vide an incen­tive to read and use the issues of the Watch for research and wish
an inspir­ing reading.

The Insti­tute for Euro­pean Pol­i­tics (IEP) in Berlin coor­di­nates and edits EU-27 Watch. The IEP is grate­ful to the Otto Wolff-Foun­da­tion, Cologne, for sup­port­ing the IEP’s research activ­i­ties in the field of “Enlarge­ment and neigh­bour­hood pol­i­cy of the EU” and thus for con­tribut­ing to this project.

EU-27 Watch revis­it­ed is part of EU-CONSENT, a net­work of excel­lence for joint research and teach­ing com­pris­ing more than 50 research insti­tutes that address­es ques­tions of the mutu­al rein­forc­ing effects of deep­en­ing and widen­ing of the EU. EU-CONSENT is sup­port­ed by the Euro­pean Union’s 6th Frame­work Programme.