Slovakia’s support of the EU goals meets little public attention

There has not been any real public debate on global climate negotiations following the results of the climate conference in Copenhagen. Slovakia has focused on other public policy challenges and in 2010 Prime Minister Fico’s government even decided to abolish the Ministry of Environment and merge it with the Ministry of Agriculture. The forthcoming coalition government, led by Prime Minister Iveta Radičová, already indicated that it would preserve the Ministry of Environment.

During the negotiations in Copenhagen, Slovakia followed the EU mandate for negotiations and strongly endorsed the EU’s red lines. Slovakia also pledged about 9 million Euros toward financing mitigation and adaptation efforts in developing Helena Princová: V Kodani vládne “rozpačitá atmosféra”, 15 December 2009, available at: (last access: 29 June 2010).

The reports focus on a reporting period from December 2009 until May 2010. This survey was conducted on the basis of a questionnaire that has been elaborated in March and April 2010. Most of the 31 reports were delivered in May 2010.

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