Unofficial strikes in energy industry

At the time of writ­ing, a num­ber of unof­fi­cial strikes have been called in the ener­gy indus­try protest­ing against the hir­ing of non-British Euro­pean work­ers to car­ry out con­tracts in the Unit­ed King­dom at a time of rapid­ly grow­ing British unem­ploy­ment. These strikes have been fuelled by a pop­ulist and much quot­ed remark of Gor­don Brown in 2007 that he would seek to pro­vide “British jobs for British work­ers.” As yet, these actions are unof­fi­cial and far from gen­er­al through­out the Unit­ed King­dom. Their poten­tial, if they become wide­spread, to desta­bi­lize the gov­ern­ment and to under­mine the tra­di­tion­al com­mit­ment of the British gov­ern­ing elite to the sin­gle Euro­pean mar­ket should not, how­ev­er, be under­es­ti­mat­ed.